Designing and implementing CI/CD pipelines, monitoring solutions, and continuous improvement programs to helping teams achieve maturity in the Three Ways. Includes full-stack development services to streamline development and operations through infrastructure as code, pipeline as code, and configuration as code methods for on-prem, hybrid, or cloud infrastructures. 

Liferay Portal

One-stop shop providing quick turnaround on bringing up a quality Enterprise-ready portal at any stage of the software development lifecycle: requirements gathering, design, development, configuration, testing, and maintenance. Utilizing rapid yet evolutionary prototyping approach as well as mockups and wireframes by interacting with all stakeholders. Paintaing a clear picture of the portal including navigation and security. Designing and architecting portal customizations and configurations. Both leading and managing other Portal developers through a hand-on approach based on wealth of experience. Skilled at using state of the art tools such as Maven and JRebel to reduce development time. Capable of presenting demonstrations to any audience, including C-level executives. Offering High Availability and Failover configurations. Using testing frameworks and tools, such as JUnit, Mockups, Selenium, Jenkins, to provide continuous testing.

OpenDJ and OpenAM

Providing state of the art identity and access management solutions. Defining and implementing roles, access controls, security policies, user provisioning solutions. Offering High Availability and Failover. Integration with Liferay and other applications.

Previous Utilizing all of above solutions: CloudCommons via Cignex Technologies, Department Of Labor Central Bill Process via Modis, Department of Defense Defense Security Service via Northrop Grumman Information Systems, Various Projects via Liferay, Inc., reporting and resolving issues in Liferay Portal such as providing patch for LPS-10708, etc.