About Bijan

Photo of Bijan Vakili wearing a blue headband he received from Liferay North American Symposium 2015 and a t-shirt from the Liferay Charity 5K run at the same symposium in which he participated.


Improve communication by exploring alternate forms of communication.


Focusing on securing communication channels to increase user confidence.


Role Description Year
Portal Architect

Various SEEB Group Inc R&D works. Includes mobile-first sites with jQM (Madrigal LoftsJenkins RowGallery 26)

Multiple Roles AHA SmartMarket via Rosetta via SEEB Group Inc. 13'-14'
Portal Lead NOAA NRDA via Solea Solutions via SEEB Group Inc. Also supported GLRI. 12'-13'
Portal Lead CSC DOL CBP via Modis. Also supported CSC WTC. 11-12'
Portal Lead CA, Inc. Cloud Commons via Cignex Technologies, Inc 11'
DEV Course Instructor Liferay, Inc 10'
Software Engineer Northrop Grumman Corp. IdM & SSO for DISA 09-10'
Software Engineer Northrop Grumman Corp. IR&D Federated Search for FBI 07-08'